The main activities of the association in the recent past have concentrated on lobbying the government and other construction industry stake-holders to ensure porpoer regulatory framework for the consultancy industry in Kenya. The main areas that the Association has concentrated on include government procurement of engineering services and capacity building.


To be the body of reference representing business and professional interests of all consulting engineering firms in Kenya.


To promote and improve the business and professional interests of our members in the built and natural environment, and while so doing, accept and uphold or responsibilities to society and the environment.


The Objectives of the Association are;

(a)    To represent nationally the majority of firms providing ‘technology based intellectual services for the built environment’.
(b)    To assist members with issues relating to business practice.
(c)    To define and actively promote conformance to a code of ethics.
(d)    To enhance the image of consulting engineers as leaders and wealth creators in society.
(e)    To promote our commitment to environmental sustainability.
(f)    To associate Consulting Engineers for the purpose of co-operation and mutual advantage and consultation.